Which Maintenance Services Are Required For an Air Conditioning Unit?

You want your air conditioner to work efficiently for years and maintain the expected comfortable temperature. Note that most air conditioning systems can last longer than expected with regular maintenance by professionals. The air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, covers a series of technical tasks performed after inspection by certified AC technicians. Let’s discuss some of the most-required services for an AC unit.

Common Maintenance Services Your Air Conditioning Unit Requires

  • AC Filter Cleaning: Your AC filter catches dust particles, stopping them from entering the system. Unfortunately, over a period of 3-4 weeks, there can be layers of dust accumulated on the filter. Cleaning the AC filter is an initial step in any AC maintenance service process. Whether you want to do it yourself or get it cleaned by professionals every month or two months, it is an essential part of maintaining your AC.
  • Outdoor Unit Cleaning: The condenser unit, usually called an AC outdoor unit, is a major component of the entire AC system. When you hire AC service, especially for maintenance, it covers unit cleaning as required maintenance. If your outdoor unit gets damaged, then you will need to call for an AC replacement in Magnolia, TX.
  • On-Going Maintenance Requirements: It is recommended that you take care of a few maintenance aspects on your own. Cleaning your ducts and vents from time to time is minor maintenance that can improve the performance of your AC, and is highly required.
  • Electrical Connections And Wiring: Since electricity plays a key role in running your air conditioner, maintenance of the AC’s power system is highly required. And this should always be done by professionals. You will need a trained AC technician to check the wiring and connections to eliminate the chances of any power-related problems. Loose or broken wires can create load issues for your AC unit, sometimes leading to damage. If you need services like AC repair in The Woodlands, you may contact us as we have skilled and certified technicians for your AC repair needs.
  • Cooling System Maintenance: This is another important maintenance service your AC requires. It is a comprehensive service in which technicians check everything from electrical connections to fins, coils, blower system components, etc. They will also check if the refrigerant line is not leaking and ensure maintaining a sufficient level of refrigerant in the system. It comes as a significant part of your AC’s annual maintenance.

While you can get your AC services at any time of the year, it is generally advised to get it done during spring and summer. Are you looking for an experienced AC contractor in Cypress? Get in touch with Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating – we are a licensed HVAC company with a highly satisfied customer base. Call us to discuss how we can help you. Dial (281) 356-3311.

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