Need AC Repair? Here Are Five Common Reasons

It is too hot outside. You expect to avoid sticky and humid weather and enjoy the cool air-conditioned comfort in your house. But when you walk into your home, it’s much warmer than it should be. Upon inspection, you find that the air conditioner is not working properly. What caused it? How do you know if your Air Conditioner needs to be repaired?

Although there may be many different factors why your homes or vehicle air conditioner may need to be looked at by a certified technician, there are several relatively common reasons. Here are five main problems that may cause air conditioning failure. Check out the five most important lists below to see if any of the above conditions exist in your Home; please call your AC repair service technician.

  • Low Refrigerant – An obvious sign that the air conditioner needs repair is hot air coming out of the vents. This could be a sign that the compressor is not cooling the air or insufficient refrigerant in the system. As a result, you could be paying more energy bills without any benefits. 


  • Leaky Hoses – During standard air conditioning maintenance, the pipes’ condition is checked for any leaks. During a call for air conditioner repair services, it can be very obvious when there’s a leak, as parts of the outside unit might be covered in ice in the midsummer! Sometimes the pipes can be repaired; sometimes, they need to be replaced.


  • Air Conditioner is not maintained properly – Your system has not been properly maintained. If you don’t choose to have your air conditioner serviced annually, this is the one to do. Otherwise, the coils and filters in your system will become dirty. This means that the air conditioner will not work properly. Its parts like compressors and fans can fail prematurely. The air conditioner may not operate properly during periods of high humidity. Check the condensate drain to ensure that it is not clogged and is draining properly.


  • Electrical Issues – If the air conditioning in your new home was oversized at the time of purchase, you might have trouble turning it on and off frequently. In this scenario, the parts like compressor and fan controls can wear out. Other reasons may include terminal Corrosion and wires.


  • Sensor Problem – Sometimes, the problem could be with the sensor. If you have an indoor air conditioner, the problem could be with a sensor causing the AC to stop or be erratic. The sensor should be close to the evaporator coil without touching it. The sensor can be adjusted by carefully bending the wire that bears it in place. If you are not comfortable DIY-ing it, you need to call a professional AC repair in Tomball.

Suppose you think you might need air conditioning repair services in Tomball, Texas. In that case, you should know you can rely on professional specialists at Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating LLC to help.

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How to Choose a Reliable Team for AC Service?

Finding a reliable team for air conditioning service can be tiresome. There are many options, so it’s easy to get confused when looking for air conditioning services. You may want to hire the first company you find, but this is not the best decision you can make. Remember, choosing the right air conditioning service is important to ensure that the air conditioner runs smoothly throughout the summer and prolongs its life. Since there are many service providers in the market, choosing one reliable Air Conditioning service provider will take time. It is good to check several factors to make an informed and correct decision when selecting an air-conditioning company.

Consider the following factors that you must consider before choosing a reliable team for AC Service:

Finding a good team of well-trained, professional technicians is essential to your comfort and budget. Here are some key factors that will keep you informed whether the team you are considering is worth calling.

  • Reviews & Recommendations – The best way to find the right team of technicians is to ask friends and family for advice. You can check ratings and reviews of AC Services Tomball in Texas at any time and can read customer reviews about the customer’s personal experience on the company website. Reviews can give a good description of what they are doing. Even negative comments can show that criticism is well reflected in the company’s response.


  • Experience – Always try to find experienced professionals. Tomball, Texas, is home to many heating and air conditioning repair experts. You should know basic information about them, such as – their field of expertise and the amount of time they have been in this business. It would be great if your technicians have experience with your specific air conditioner or cooling unit. Therefore, it is best to find one who has worked on similar systems before because they know exactly how to fix it.


  • Certifications – Find a reliable AC service team with licensed, bonded, insured, background checks, and drug-tested technicians. It would help if you also look for certifications such as EPA and NATE certifications. These certifications ensure that you are working with a reliable AC Service Company that is top-rated for quality and customer service. Ask the company for license numbers, criminal background checks, drug tests, or any other certifications before scheduling services with the technicians.


  • Service Offerings – Air conditioning providers offer different types of services. Such service offerings will tell you a lot about the company. Most reputable companies provide services other than just heating and cooling services. It is always a good plan to hire an AC Service team that provides preventative and on-demand maintenance. A reputable company will have an experienced and versatile team of workers.

Make sure to keep all of these points in mind while selecting the AC Service Tomball. If you are looking for the one that covers all the aspects of being the most professional and reliable company, you can always trust Valliere Air Conditioning and Heating LLC. Provide fast and reliable Air Conditioning and heating services in Tomball, Texas.

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The Winter Is Coming: Get Your Furnaces Repaired

As winter approaches, every household needs to get their winter supplies and preparations in order. The furnace at your home also needs a head start, some cleaning, some repairs before the temperature drops outside. It is better to get all factors of heating getting checked by expert technicians. Many several contractors provide heating repair in Tomball

How to figure if you need a repair

  • Check if the furnace is heating

There are too many instances where the thermostat is faulty so that the machine won’t work properly. So check the thermostat reading. Check if the machine thermostat is showing the same reading.

Now to troubleshoot, turn up the thermostat 5oc lower than the room temperature. Then try to hear if the machine starts running or not. If it does, then the thermostat is alright; if it does not, note the problem and check other parts.

  • Check if the power connection is working properly

Whether it is a heating system run by natural gas or electricity, a heating system will always need electricity to power the motors, power the thermostat, etc. So if after setting the thermostat mark lower than it is from room temperature, the machine fans do not start. Then be sure to check the power switches. Especially check the heating system switch on the machine itself. 

To find any problems regarding power, try to switch on the fan by adjusting the thermostat manually. If the fan starts, then the power connection is fine. If It does not, then try the next point.

  • Check if the circuit breaker is intact

We have seen it many times, where everything is fine, but the circuit breaker has turned itself off because of a power shortage. So head to your home circuit breaker unit. Open the lead and find the heating system switch in there. If it is on, there must be some internal wiring issue in the machine itself, and if it is off, then turn on the circuit breaker and try the previous steps. 

  • Check if the motor is running efficiently

There is a motor inside the heating system to distribute heat equally in all the areas inside a household. If you find that the motor is overheating or producing a burnt smell, you should confirm that the motor needs to repair from the inside out. You can call any heating repair in Tomball technicians.  

  • Check if the filters are in a dust-free condition

A clogged filter will only create a problem for you because a clogged filter will take more energy to push air around the house inside. In turn, consuming more energy and costing you more money. So check the filter. These filters will ensure equal distribution of hot air. So if the heat is not being distributed equally, or you can hear noises while the machine is running. Then you have to clean the filters for sure. 

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Repair Or Replace: When, Why, And How?

The central heating systems or the furnace in a household can only run for a decade before you have to look for a new one. It is a complicated machine with a lot of moving parts. So, furnaces need maintenance throughout their running time, a part’s replacement here and there, a bit of cleaning. 

The furnace repair Tomball experts have extensive knowledge about if your machine needs repair or replacement. But there will be a time when you have to decide whether to repair your machine more or buy a new one.

  1. Age of the machine

According to the DOE, a furnace should run for 15-30 years. It will vary from brand to brand. The amount of usage is also responsible for the machine’s lifespan. 

So the key pointers are:

  • Repair: If you installed the system less than five years ago. It is running efficiently, but some parts are faulty.
  • Replace: If the furnace is well over 15 years old now. The last repair was done less than a year ago. Then wait no more. Look for a new one. 
  1. Condition for the machine

Some furnaces are built in poor quality from the start. So keep an eye for some symptoms for efficient burning. 

Here are some key faults you can look for:

  • The flame is yellow instead of blue
  • Pipes and joints are rusty
  • Moisture build-up
  • Soot streak around the exhaust
  • Residents experiencing cough, headache, blurry vision (CO symptoms)
  1. Energy bill has increased in the last two years significantly 

An inefficient system would require more energy to produce heat so, if you see a steady rise in energy bills during winter in the last two years, you have to make some changes. A new system will be technologically more advanced. It will reduce bills significantly. 

Here are some tips for that:

  • Repair: If the system is less than five years old. The mechanic will find faulty parts.
  • Replace: The machine is older than 15-20 years. The energy bill is significantly higher when adjusted for market inflation.
  1. Compare costs of repair and replacement with your budget

An older machine with faulty parts and a clogged-up system will be harder to repair. Because as newer models become available, replacement parts for older models become scarce in the market. 

Buying a newer, possibly more user-friendly system will save money in the long run. You can get an HVAC expert for a furnace repair in Tomball, who can explain all these complications. 

  • Repair: If the machine is older, but parts are still available at a low cost in the market if it is a new system less than five years old.
  • Replace: If the machine is older than 15-20 years and the last repair was done less than a year ago.

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Heating Repair in Tomball, TX

Winters are arriving, and you are taking your warm clothes and shoes out. But, What is the thing that ensures you and your family the warmth in cold winter months? A heating system is vital for a home to maintain warmth inside your home in cold winter months. You must make sure that your HVAC system is maintained before the harsh winters arrive. If you want heating repair in Tomball Texas you can call us at Valliere Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC.

Benefits of heating system repair

There are many benefits of proper maintenance of your heating system:

  •    Lower utility bill

This is the main reason to get heating system maintenance. A malfunctioning heating system can increase your energy bills tremendously. It is a wise decision to get a maintenance check-up done.

  •  The comfort of your family

No one would want their family members to suffer in the cold weather. A heating system that is not maintained regularly may abruptly shut down, leaving your family cold in these harsh winter months.

  •  Air quality

Your heating system’s dirty air filter can bring dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens to your home. This may lead to poor respiratory conditions in your family. It is necessary to get a maintenance check-up done to ensure your family is healthy.

  •  Saves your money

If your heating system is not maintained regularly, it will lead to breakdowns. A new HVAC system costs more than a timely repair, so you should regularly get your heating system maintenance done.

When should you get maintenance done?

We at Valliere Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC advise you to get your heating system maintained

  •  At least once a year

It is best if you get your heating system maintained at least once a year. These regular maintenance check-ups will ensure that your system performance is accurate. Annual maintenance and cleaning of parts like fans, filters, motors, and thermostats increase the life of your HVAC system.

  •   During spring break

It is best to get your heating system maintained when you are not using it. Spring or fall are times of the year when you are not using it.

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Our services

  •  We provide heater repair and maintenance.
  • We provide Heating system tune-up and installation.
  •  We provide ac installation and maintenance.
  •  We provide heat pump tune-up and thermostat calibration.
  •  We provide HVAC air conditioning.
  •   Furnace repair and installation.

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  •   Emergency services

We provide instant tune-ups. Our team ensures that they provide their services with the time frame.

  •   Best price

Our services are affordable and reliable. We offer free suggestions about how much the service would cost, and we never charge extra for weekend repair services.

  •   Quality maintenance

We provide free services on our installed HVAC system. The HVAC systems provided by us are of the best quality, and we repair all types of HVAC systems.

  •      Expert services

We offer quality service to our customers. Our team is well prepared and trained to provide the best service.

28 Point Heating/Gas Furnace Inspection

$79.00 for a 28 point heating/gas furnace inspection:

  1. Visually inspect capacitors for leakage and rust
  2. Inspect readily accessible ducts for obvious air leaks
  3. Complete operations sequence check
  4. Check crankcase heater for proper maintenance
  5. Inspection of air filtration system
  6. Inspect blower wheel
  7. Inspect blower and motor and record AMP draw (lubricate as needed)
  8. Replacement of filter provided by customer while on site at time of inspection
  9. Inspect unit wiring and electrical disconnect
  10. Check and calibrate thermostat as required
  11. Inspect gas lines and connections at furnace/boiler for leaks
  12. Check high limit control (adjust as needed)
  13. Inspect burner ignition system and assembly
  14. Inspect gas burners
  15. Check and adjust manifold gas pressure
  16. Check temperature rise across heat exchanger for overheating
  17. Inspect heat exchanger for sooting, corrosion, cracks and deformities
  18. Inspect gas valve for corrosion, leaks, restriction of gas flow and abnormal noise
  19. Inspect furnace/boiler wiring assembly for loose connections
  20. Inspect flue and venting for obstructions and leaks
  21. Check (1) electrical circuit to furnace/boiler. Test all electrical/safety circuits/controls for proper operation
  22. Inspect entire furnace/boiler for loose or worn parts and abnormal vibrations
  23. Test and adjust the unit for peak operating efficiency
  24. Check carbon monoxide emission level or pass/fail
  25. Check defrost cycle and reversing valve operation (heat pumps only)
  26. Tighten screw lug terminals in condensing unit (heat pumps only)
  27. Check refrigerant level (heat pumps only)
  28. Check emergency heat systems for proper operation (heat pumps only)

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