Heat Pump Replacement In Tomball, TX, and Surrounding Areas

Heat pumps provide an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners, for climates with moderate heating and cooling needs. During the cooling season heat pumps move heat from cool houses into the warm outdoors and during the heating season moves heat from cool outdoors to warm house. Heat pumps provide equivalent space conditioning as they move heat rather than generating heat. We excel at heat pump replacement in The Woodlands, Tomball, Spring, TX, and Surrounding Areas so call us today for a service or schedule one here.

Some heat pumps are equipped with variable-speed or dual-speed on their indoor fans (blowers), outdoor fans, or both. Variable speed controls the fans who attempt to keep the air moving, minimizing cool drafts and maximizing electrical savings.

Certain signs indicate that it’s time for you to consider replacing your heat pump or improving the overall system’s performance. So, it’s advisable to call a professional to help you go through it:

Heat Pump Replacement In Tomball, TX

  • If your heat pump is more than ten years old
  • If your furnace or boiler is getting older, it requires replacement
  • Also, if your energy bills are going up, your equipment needs frequent repair
  • Place the heater accordingly in your cool and warm rooms where the requirement is most
  • Check if your heater is dust-free
  • Whether the heating and cooling system is making sounds or not

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Frequently Asked Questions

The older heat pump models could work efficiently for fifteen to twenty years. However, with the development in technology, the latest heat pump models can work efficiently for more than twenty years with regular servicing and maintenance schedules.

An old heat pump will not work as efficiently as a new one because the components in the old heat pump have faced irreparable wear and tear damage. The only way to get proper efficiency levels is by contacting a professional installer for heat pump replacement The Woodlands.

A heat pump produces moisture to control the humidity levels in a house. However, excess moisture or water leakage indicates a malfunctioning heat pump. Owners should contact a technician to repair the heat pump as soon as possible.

A heat pump with wear and tear damage will increase monthly energy bills because the inefficient components in the system will work for extra hours and consume more energy.

A heat pump has several components that can malfunction and give off unwanted sounds. Only a professional technician can fix this problem.