Heat Pump Repair in Tomball, TX

Whether you are looking for a reliable heat pump repair contractor or planning on installing a new heating unit, Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC is a name you can trust. Our support staff and technicians have the expertise and knowledge to assess the problem you are having with your heat pump and provide you with the best possible solution that meets your heating or cooling needs.


When you combine our outstanding services with the superior quality of spare parts from trusted brands, be rest assured that your heat pump will consistently meet your needs season after season.


Reliable and Dependable Heat Pump Repair in Tomball, TX


Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC is a fully licensed and insured HVAC contractor that hires experienced technicians who hold relevant licenses and have passed background checks. That means you can be sure that when you hire us for your heating needs, you precisely get what you deserve – high-quality heat pump repair in Tomball, TX, from trustworthy technicians employed by a reputed contractor.

When to Call for a Heat Pump Repair? 


Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC is just a call away if your heat pump begins to malfunction. Yet you will do well in knowing when to call us. Here are some telltale signs of a heat pump unit that needs repair. 


Short Cycling: If your HVAC unit keeps turning on and off frequently, you could be dealing with a malfunctioning heat pump. Call our technicians to diagnose and fix the problem for you.


Old and Outdated System: Older heat pumps struggle to heat and cool even a small-sized room. If you see signs of wear and tear or your unit is over ten years old and faces a problem, you need to call us right away.


Increased Energy Bills: If your energy bills have been spiking the last couple of months and you are paying a lot more than you did, you will need a technician to look into your heat pump to ascertain the cause.


Inconsistent Heating: If your HVAC unit is not heating or cooling your house to the temperature you wish, you might have a problem with either the heat pump or the ductwork. In either case, you will do well in scheduling an appointment with us.


Strange Noises: If you hear strange noises such as popping, banging, or clicking emanating from your heating unit, you could be dealing with a big issue. Do not attempt to open up the heat pump and repair it on your own, lest you may do something wrong which may cause your unit to break down.


Emergency Heat Pump Repair Services at Your Convenience 

If you are on the lookout for superior service quality, Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC is the right company for you. We understand that your heat pump can break down or malfunction at any point in time. You can schedule an appointment with our team at any time of the day, including weekends and holidays. We are just a call away, and our goal is to get your system up and running, so you and your family are safe and comfortable. Call us today at (281) 356-3311.

Contact us today to schedule your Heat Pump Service (281) 356-3311 or Schedule Online today. We also offer Furnace repair Tomball, heat pump repair Tomball, furnace installation Tomball, furnace replacement Tomball TX.