Why is a Spring AC Tune-Up Essential?

Following spring, one can expect rising and hotter temperatures. With the rising heat, many people turn on their air conditioners without first doing a thorough inspection, cleaning, or maintenance check. It can not only harm your device and make it inefficient, but it can also cost you in the long term in the form of unavoidable AC repair in the Woodlands

Here Are Some Benefits of Scheduling An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Right Away.

  • Increased Efficiency

If you own a high-efficiency central or ductless heating and cooling system in your house, you already know how simple it is to save electricity. A spring tune-up can keep your air conditioner running smoothly no matter how high the temperatures soar.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

Regular maintenance improves the function of your system, but it may also enhance the quality of the air you breathe! Schedule your tune-up to lessen the number of pollen and pollutants in the house.

  • Clean Air Filter 

The filters collect dirt and debris whether they are in use or not. The substance on the filter can also generate a moist atmosphere. It can lead to mold and germs, restrict airflow, and expose you to allergens and irritants. It might be harmful to both your air conditioner and your health. AC tune-up in the Spring protects you from all this!

  • Increased Lifespan 

The lifespan of an air conditioner depends upon proper installation and maintenance. According to the Department of Energy, the air conditioner should last 15 to 20 years if properly maintained.

Routine maintenance will keep your air conditioner functioning smoothly and efficiently for a long time. Even if it’s only replacing the air filter every three months, it will extend the system’s life.

  • Reduced Energy Bills

Annual AC maintenance in Magnolia, TXwill allow your cooling system to work more effectively, resulting in significant savings. When your A/C is performing optimally, it will cost you less money to keep your house cool.

  • Reassurance In The Event of a Breakdown

When an air conditioning unit enters the summer season each year, it should be guaranteed not to break down. It may be accomplished by having the system tuned up and examined ahead of time. You want to know that your air conditioner will last all summer without breaking down, and spring AC tune-up gives you that assurance.

  • Reliable Comfort

Get some relief from the hot summer temperatures. AC systems that undergo a professional spring AC tune-up offer reliable cooling when your family requires it the most.

  • The EPA and EnergyStar Recommend Annual Maintenance.

HVAC companies do not just recommend AC maintenance. The EPA and EnergyStar suggest yearly AC tune-ups keep your unit functioning smoothly.

Don’t Put Off Your AC tune-up Any Longer!

That concludes the discussion. You are now aware of the significance of a spring AC tune-up. It’s a great chance to double-check your system before summer. You can remove any dirt and dust and fix any minor flaws before they become costly issues.

If you’d like to schedule your spring AC tune-up, call us. At Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating, we can assist you with all your AC requirements, including AC repair in Cypress.

What Signs Should You Keep in Mind Before Replacing Your Furnace?

There’s a high chance that the furnace in your home has been there before you moved in. Many homeowners do not replace their furnaces till at least 30 years. Although furnaces can work efficiently for a long time, they get worn out. Watch out for the signs, especially when Winter is near, and your furnace has completed around 20-25 years. 

There are a lot of new furnaces with advanced technologies available in the market. You can visit an HVAC company offering furnace replacement in Tomball, TX, to find the appropriate furnace for your home.

Before Replacing Your Furnace, Keep The Following Signs In Mind.

  • Cost of the New Furnace

Although furnaces are a long-term investment, they are expensive. Good quality and efficient furnaces usually cost between 2500 dollars to 3800 dollars.

  • Yellow Pilot Light 

Look out for the color of the pilot light of your furnace. A blue pilot light generally means there is no immediate requirement for a replacement. However, if the light is yellowish, start looking for other options. Old and inefficient furnaces are also harmful to the health of your family. You can call experts for inspection and take their advice on whether you need a furnace replacement or not.

  • The Quality of Air 

Furnaces in need of replacement release many harmful toxins like dust, soot, and carbon monoxide. A carbon monoxide leakage can be poisonous, and it’s best to switch off your furnace until you can think of other options. You can install an indoor air quality monitor to check if the furnace is working efficiently.

  • Increase in your Electric Bills

Ageing furnaces tend to decrease in it’s working efficiency. Energy-efficient furnaces do not harm the environment and keep your energy bills economical. If you notice an increase in your energy bills, have an inspection of your furnace to check if it’s working efficiently. Replacing your furnace can be a good option. A one-time investment is better than paying expensive energy bills every month. 

  • Increasing Frequency of Repairs

If you have started seeing your furnace technician frequently, it is a sign that you need a furnace replacement. Frequent repair is going to increase your expenses. You can get online estimates for the cost of a new furnace installation or heater replacement in Cypress, TX.  

  • You’re Selling Your House

Although this might sound odd, replacing your furnace if you’re thinking of selling your house is a good idea. A new furnace installation can increase the rate of your house in the market to a great extent. Prospective buyers are attracted to houses with efficient and effective HVAC systems. Hence, replacing it is a great idea if your furnace is more than 20 years old when selling your house.

Valliere Air Conditioning and Heating are among the best HVAC companies in Montgomery County. We provide AC repair, furnace installation, replacement, heating service in Magnolia, TX, etc., to residential, commercial, and new construction clients. Visit our website to find out the discounts we offer to specific customers. You can also contact us at craig@vallierehvac.com or (281) 356-3311

A Furnace is Making a Loud Noise – What To Do in This Case?

Frequent use of the furnace causes it to wear down over time. Sometimes, furnaces start making a loud noise while working. You might get confused regarding the reason for the noise from the furnace. In some cases, you might require a furnace replacement. 

However, we have given some troubleshooting techniques for a noisy furnace. Before looking for a furnace replacement in Tomball, TX, check if it requires repair or replacement.

Loud noises are always an indicator of some damage. The type of noise made by the furnace is essential for finding out the cause of the damage. We have given some everyday noises that a furnace makes and provided their causes and solutions. 

Some Significant Types of Furnace Noises and their Causes-

  • Whistling 

When your furnace makes a whistling or squealing noise, it likely means that there’s a problem with the airflow. There can be many causes for obstruction in the airflow. For example, the air might not flow properly due to a damaged air blower. 

Another reason for a whistling sound might be a leak in the air ducts. If ducts aren’t sealed, air might leak through the cracks or holes and make a whistling noise. Also, the air ducts might leak air if they’re fitted improperly or by getting worn out over time. You’ll need to call a technician for heating repair in the Woodlands to fix the damaged ducts. 

Whistling noise might also come from clogged air filters. It can get complicated for air to pass through clogged filters. In such cases, it might create a whistling noise as air tries to pass through the clogged filter. Whether your filter is clogged, replace it and see if the whistling sounds persists.

  • Rattling

A rattling noise from your furnace might indicate that there’s a loose part inside. There are a lot of complicated mechanisms inside the furnace. Any of them can get loose over time. Some of the parts that can get loose are,

  • Panels
  • Bearings
  • Fan
  • Motor
  • Air ducts

A technician can only fix a loose part. However, you can look for furnace repair in Tomball for repairing the furnace. 

Another cause of a rattling or rumbling noise from the furnace is a clogged burner. Soot buildup can cause your burner to get blocked. The blockage can cause difficulties for air to reach the burner, causing a rattling or rumbling noise.

  • Banging 

Sometimes, furnaces also create a banging noise. Banging noise is made due to an ignition delay. Usually, as the gas moves towards the burner, the furnace lights up immediately. However, delay in ignition causes gas buildup. Ignition after gas buildup can cause a small explosion leading to the banging noise. Again, repair service from professionals is the only solution. 

At Valliere Air Conditioning and Heating LLC, we are determined to offer the best services of commercial HVAC in cypress to our customers. We offer heating, air conditioning, and ductless services across many places in Texas. We provide various discounts and financing programs too. Contact us for a free second opinion at craig@vallierehvac.com or (281) 356-3311.

Will A Gas Furnace Work Without Electricity?

Suppose many homes are without power in your area after a winter storm. The furnace is one system you cannot go long without, even if there are many ways to cope with the absence of light. However, it may not matter as much to you if you have a gas furnace. 

Even though you should still have gas running through your home during a regular power outage, it does not mean all gas appliances will work. For example, most furnaces will not work if you experience a power outage at home.

If you choose to upgrade your furnace for energy savings or furnace replacement in Tomball, TX, Make sure you pick out the most reliable contractors. They can recommend the best option for your home given its size, available space, and energy efficiency goals.

Is Your Gas Furnace Capable Of Operating Without Electricity?

In a nutshell, no. Even though your furnace is fuelled by gas, some components require electricity to function. Among them are:

  • An Electric Blower

Blower fans are responsible for bringing warm air into the home from your furnace. 

  • Transmitters

Your furnace can have several relay controls that control gas flow and safety switches that ensure your furnace does not run if something goes wrong. However, it simply will not run unless you have backups in place to protect your furnace. 

  • Thermostat Settings

In the absence of power, your thermostat cannot tell your furnace that it’s time to turn on! A thermostat controlled by a circuit board cannot run on batteries, even if a battery powers it.

  • The Electronic Ignition System

It is impossible to turn your modern furnace on and get heat simply by lighting the pilot. Electronic ignition is used for most furnaces today, even those that use natural gas. A hot surface ignitor or electronic spark powers it up when the furnace is on, so a pilot light does not have to be lit all day and night.

A blackout will result in your gas furnace not working. This is because you cannot turn it on during a power outage due to the furnace’s built-in safety system.

In The Event Of A Power Outage, What Do You Do?

In the event of an electrical outage that leaves your home without heat, you should consider having a heater replacement in the Woodlands, TX professional connect the furnace to a generator that will power the electric components of the furnace. You can temporarily heat your home using additional heating sources as a temporary solution. 

  • If you need emergency heating, you can use our temporary wood-burning equipment. You can temporarily install a wood-burning stove with just a stove, an elbow, and a wood piece along with a window. 
  • You can also use a kerosene heater to keep your home warm temporarily. Like old-fashioned stoves, this will radiate heat from all sides, allowing you to obtain the maximum amount of heat from them. When using a kerosene heater, be sure you don’t run out of fuel.

Can A Gas Furnace Be Fixed If It Won’t Work After A Power Outage?

As soon as power is restored, your furnace should start working again. If this is not the case, please follow these steps:

  • Ensure that your furnace is on.
  • If the control panel displays an error message, you may need to replace or repair something. 
  • There is a possibility that the safety lock is engaged. If so, wait for a moment and press the reset button firmly.
  • To determine if a fuse or breaker has blown, check it.
  • Make sure the vents aren’t blocked by snow or ice.
  • Be sure your thermostat is on and turned high enough to warm up your home.

You should schedule it before you need it or start using it for HVAC service. Don’t wait until the unit breaks down or malfunctions to contact your local Heating and Air Conditioning specialist. You should schedule furnace repair in Tomball and air conditioning service no less than once a year or every six months. HVAC systems need regular maintenance to last longer.

When it comes to replacing, repairing, or maintaining any part of your system, Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating offers low-cost, dependable repair services, as well as expert consultation, sales, and air conditioning installation in Cypress, TX. Our services include everything from heating and air conditioning to indoor air quality. It is a pleasure to offer you honest and reliable HVAC services from Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating.

7 Tips For A Smooth Furnace Replacement

During winters in Texas, the furnace is your best partner. Are you planning to have your furnace replaced before the upcoming winter? There is a lot that can go wrong, but it doesn’t have to be that way. After deliberation, we’ve brought together our top 7 tips that will simplify the service. So, get ready to call for a furnace replacement in Tomball, TX!

Tips For Smooth Furnace Replacement

1. New Units Come With Air Quality Enhancements

New units available in the market can help you improve the indoor air quality of your home. These often use better filters and coils that ensure higher safety and cleanliness. They also trap smaller dust particles.

2. Furnace Reliability And Contractor Experience Require 60% Of Your Focus

Instead of focusing your attention on which brand of furnace you should buy, focus on the reliability of the unit and the contractor’s experience. A well-known brand may not have a unit suitable for your home. However, contractor experience goes a long way in making a difference for your HVAC unit.

3. Buying A Regular Maintenance Contract With A New Furnace Is Cheaper

Opt to buy a maintenance and inspection contract when you’re installing a new furnace. Most contractors who provide furnace replacement in Tomball, TX, also provide these contracts. Therefore, they may be able to provide a discount or promotion.

4. AFUE Ratings Deserve In-Depth Research

AFUE ratings of a heating unit define its efficiency. AFUE is the measure of how much energy is produced per unit of fuel. They have the same principle as SEER ratings. However, their rating methods are different. When you do in-depth research on AFUE ratings, you understand the difference in the quality of different heaters. Look at the AFUE ratings of each model you look at.

5. Choose A Contractor That Is Registered With The Federal Government

Many contractors provide heating replacement services. If you want to narrow down from a long list of contractors, you only need to know whether they are licensed and registered. According to the Federal government rules, HVAC contractors are required to be registered with the government.

6. Don’t Rely Entirely On Online Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews can be natural or fake. So instead, look for the contractor’s experience and services. For example, a contractor that has completed formal training and apprenticeship should be chosen over one who doesn’t have any. You can also ask your family and friends for some recommendations.

7. There Are More Financing Options Available Than You Expect

Most contractors provide financing options to their customers. You can ask for a customized financial plan. This often includes minimum monthly payments and affordable interest rates. Some contractors even provide promotions and discounts for exceptional cases like veterans, firefighters, first responders, nurses, senior citizens, and doctors.

If you haven’t found a contractor already, choose Valliere Air Conditioning and Heating LLC, a licensed and registered, professional company that has experience providing heat pump repair in the Woodlands and furnace installation near you . Book our services by calling (281)-356-3311 or dropping a mail at craig@vallierehvac.com

8 Common Signs That You Need Furnace Repair Now

Sitting in a freezing home waiting for the technician to show up can be a dismal day indeed. When there is little you can do once your furnace is broken, you can head off the wait by calling a service beforehand. So, how do you know it is time to call for furnace repair in Tomball without waiting for the inevitable? Here is a list of 8 common and easy-to-spot signs that you should keep in mind.

8 Signs To Look Out For And The Reasons Behind Them

  • The furnace is blowing out cold or room temperature air

This often happens when the fuel is not being burnt at the pace required to heat the air. The reason may be due to clogging in the pipes or filters. Alternatively, this can also be because of clogging in the filters.

  • The furnace is not blowing any air at all.

This is happening because the air filters connected to your heating unit are blocked. The air cannot pass through the filter, and therefore there is low or no airflow from the furnace.

  • The furnace is making loud random noises.

The reason for loud noises is that a mechanical part inside your furnace is broken or cracked. It is banging with other parts inside your furnace and will cause a larger problem. It can cause other mechanical parts inside to break. In this case you can call for the best heater replacement in Cypress, TX.

  • The furnace is giving out a bad smell.

This is happening because the fuel line of your furnace has cracked or loosened. The fuel is leaking inside your home and causing a bad smell. It can also be because your furnace is not completely burning the fuel.

  • Your energy bill increased in the last year.

You may face a situation where your furnace no longer has the efficiency it used to. This may be due to normal wear-and-tear, but oftentimes, it needs a thorough inspection to find the solution for the problem.

  • The furnace is leaking water.

Your furnace leaks water if the water line is cracked or broken. This is a prevalent problem if you have recently moved your furnace from one place to another.

  • The furnace isn’t connected to the thermostat.

This is because your furnace may no longer be in sync with your thermostat. The calibration difference often happens after an electrical outage.

  • You’ve spent too much on repairs.

If you have called a repair service more than 3-4 times in the past year, your furnace does not need a repair service. It means the unit is old and can no longer be saved. Instead, you should opt to replace the unit.

With a reliable HVAC company, you may never need to wait for your furnace to break down. Be sure to choose an experienced contractor who can solve your problems. If you don’t know who to call, Valliere Air Conditioning and Heating LLC is a perfect choice. This licensed and professional company has experience troubleshooting all types of HVAC problems.

Book heat pump repair in Tomball for your home by calling (281)-356-3311 or dropping a mail at craig@vallierehvac.com.


How to Decide Whether You Need Repair or a New AC?

Points You Need to Consider Before Opting For A New AC:

If the air conditioning unit of your home fails, you may need to decide whether to repair it or replace it with a new one. To help you make the right decision, to finally opt for an air conditioner that suits your needs, you need to consider the following four key points:

Air Conditioning Unit Repairs

Air conditioners that require frequent repair may indicate that it is time for an AC replacement or an AC service in Tomball. If vital components such as compressors or condensers fail, you should consider replacing the unit.

The air-conditioning system can still operate normally even with regular preventive maintenance by experts. If your air conditioner needs minor repairs from time to time, this may be normal. Almost every time there are some reasons behind AC repair. If you are not sure, contact your local HVAC expert for a prompt AC service.

AC Unit Age

When deciding whether to repair or to get a new AC, you should first consider age. Is your current AC unit two years old or 20 years old? If yes, you should replace it with newer and more efficient AC models.

The reason to do this is, older equipment like AC units tends to work much less efficiently and usually has a lower seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) than current models.

If this is not enough for you to make a decision, you can rely on the 5000 rule, which means that if the service life of the air conditioning system multiplied by the repair cost exceeds $5,000, you should consider replacing the AC unit with a new one. If it is less, the equipment needs AC repair in Tomball.

Air Conditioning Efficiency

If your air conditioner has been used for a decade or more and has been running continuously and does not adequately cool your home, your air conditioner may be inefficient. Due to this, your electricity bill exceeds the level it should be. If you are facing this problem, consider replacing it.

Although replacement costs may be high, new air conditioners can save approximately $200 in energy costs each year. In addition, the new AC unit also has high-efficiency features such as compatibility with modish thermostats, dehumidifiers, variable-speed motors, and scroll automation.

If you don’t want to replace your old air conditioners, for the time being, you can add some accessories to improve efficiency:

  • Programmable thermostat – Improve temperature control and increase system operating efficiency.
  • Dehumidifier – Keep your home cold and comfortable, and help improve the cooling efficiency of the AC unit.

AC Service Recommendations

Always contact a reliable HVAC contractor for AC service in the Woodlands. Depending on the problem, the technician can solve the problem and save you from installing new equipment.

However, if the problem persists, the repair cost is too high, or the equipment is too old or invalid, replacing it may be your only option.

Looking for air conditioning installation near you? We can help you to decide which service your AC needs. Call us at (281) 356-3311 or drop us an email at craig@vallierehvac.com.

Don’t Let AC Breakdowns Spoil Your Summer With Timely Repair

As the summer sun approaches with the blazing heat in Texas, you should be all prepared for your cool and comfortable homes. The air conditioner is your best friend. But if your air conditioner unit isn’t working as well as it’s supposed to, it can be quite frustrating.

It’s better to be wary of your air conditioner system’s problems before the unit completely bails on you. It is highly advisable to call a professional for repair services as soon as you notice the slightest of problems.

Problems with your AC unit

You may fail to notice the shortcomings of your air conditioning unit and may brush them off over time, but there are a few warning signs to be on the lookout for air conditioner repair in Tomball, TX. Here are some of them: 

  • Takes time to turn on and off
  • If your unit isn’t blowing cool air
  • If the thermostat fluctuates
  • If your air conditioner freezes up quickly
  • Inconsistent cooling throughout the home
  • Leaking ducts
  • Noisy AC unit

As a business owner or a homeowner, the process of updating your HVAC system or repairing these issues can be perplexing. With many pricey rates for replacements, it is better to consult a repair technician for significant concerns with your AC unit. 

Benefits of regular AC repairs

As perplexing as it may be, regularly repairing your AC unit’s complications comes with several advantages.

  • Extending your system’s life

If your AC unit’s minor problems aren’t taken care of, they can create more dire issues that would ultimately ruin your unit as a whole. An expert technician would be able to detect and rectify these minor problems with ease.

  • Better air quality

As air moves into the system, the filtration unit inside your air conditioner filters the air into your home. All parts of your unit will function properly after being cleaned out and tweaked with regular visits from the repairperson.

  • Lesser noise

One of the benefits of AC repairs is the elimination of noise. If constant grilling and purring of your AC unit are keeping you up at night, an AC repair session will do you good. An unserviced AC system can work out of sync and provide a wide range of discomfort.

  • Increases system efficiency

A defective air conditioning unit can end up costing you a lot of money on replacements as the AC unit splutters up and stops working. But with frequent air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, your air conditioner should be able to cool your home without excessive electric bills.

Considering the various incompetencies that your AC unit could be subjected to, it is imperative to look into the aforementioned defects in your air conditioning unit. Apart from the various benefits of timely AC repairs, it is also more cost-effective than a complete AC replacement in Magnolia, TX.

At Valliere Air Conditioning and Heating LLC, we have built a reputation for consumer loyalty and quality services over the past few years of service. Contact us for trustworthy services and high-quality air conditioning installation near you.

Beat the Texas Heat With Quality AC Servicing

With summer just around the corner, your air conditioner is bound to be your best friend. However, as much as you love your friend, it needs care and maintenance to make sure Texas summer is comfortable for you. This is where getting the best air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, comes in.

A thorough AC unit servicing helps you enjoy the sunny days instead of putting up with unsatisfactory performances from your AC unit during the summer.

When to consider AC servicing

It is important to distinguish between easily repairable issues and irreparable complications. There are a few questions to ask yourself before you opt for an air conditioner service session.

  1. How old is your AC unit?

You must consider the age of your air conditioning unit. While the average AC system works for about 10-15 years, it is advisable to contact an AC contractor in Cypress for servicing your AC unit if it has been in use for over 10 years.

  1. Is your current AC unit well sustained?

As a homeowner, you must look into regular AC maintenance in Magnolia, TX, with repairs and cleaning. If you haven’t done so over the years, AC servicing is a dire need. 

  1. Is it working efficiently?

An AC unit that works efficiently does not give a hefty electric bill. But if your AC system has been giving you a run for your money with power and utility costs, your AC unit would gravely benefit from a servicing session.

Advantages of getting your AC serviced

While considering the criteria under which your air conditioning unit can be serviced, it is also necessary to analyze the advantages of getting your AC serviced.

  • Better and more efficient working of your AC unit

If your air conditioner hasn’t seen service in all its years of working, there are chances that it may begin to slow down and take up more power to give unsatisfactory results. An air conditioner servicing near you will make your unit run more efficiently.

  • Increased efficiency means lighter electric bills

AC unit’s inefficient working leads to intake of more power, resulting in higher electric bills. You can save high costs on your monthly electric bills.

  • Your AC unit lasts longer

With regular AC services and necessary repairs, and increased efficiency, your air conditioning unit is bound to work for a longer time.

  • Regular services mean lesser repairs

As your system is less likely to break down after regular services, it also means lesser repairs in the coming years. This can mean the world to those trying to save money on avoidable and unnecessary expenses and AC repair in Cypress.

  • Save the money on replacement

Getting the best air conditioner servicing in Tomball, TX, will help you save on the money needed to replace your AC unit. With proper repair and service, your unit can last longer, giving you time to save up for a new unit. 

Without proper care and maintenance, your air conditioning unit’s performance and health can deteriorate, resulting in exorbitant costs. Valliere Air Conditioning and Heating LLC can help you to this end with reliable services and experienced technicians. With years of experience, Valliere is a trusted name for AC repair in Tomball, TX.

Contact us today and make your AC unit last longer. We also offer one of the best air conditioning installation in Cypress, TX.

Got an AC Repair Problem?

Like other complicated electronic machines, AC also requires regular maintenance. However, sometimes due to rough use and wear and tear, you will face some issues that will need you to call professional help.

Here are commonly reported AC problems and their causes – 

  • I am unable to start my AC.

Usually, if an AC doesn’t turn on, the problem lies in the thermostat. Sometimes, the problem also lies in the circuit breaker. In this case, the system does not get sufficient electricity to function.

  • The AC fan isn’t working.

A capacitor is the main component of an AC fan that enables rotation. A faulty capacitor can result in fan malfunction. If you want to get the solution of this problem, then you can contact for AC repair in Tomball, TX.

  • The AC motor won’t start.

The AC motor is connected to a contactor. Contactors relay the electricity to the motor that sets the compressor working. If there is a broken contactor, the electricity won’t reach the motor, and hence the AC won’t start.

  • My AC isn’t cooling satisfactorily.

Dirty air filters and clogged ducts and vents restrict the airflow. At times, due to this issue, the AC may also let out warm air.

  • The temperature is fluctuating.

This issue occurs when there is a refrigerant leak. Chronic refrigerant leaks sometimes damage the compressor that makes the system lose its efficiency.

  • The AC is making unusual noises.

AC functions silently, but if you notice loud rattling, bubbling, hissing sounds, it can point at refrigerant leaks, motor malfunction, or defective components.

  • There is heavy water leakage inside my house.

Indoor water leakage usually results when the drain pipes are blocked. Clogged drains fill the drain pan that causes leakage. Faulty installations or poorly insulated ducts can be other reasons.

  • My AC is overheating.

AC has breakers that are responsible for maintaining the optimum condenser temperature. If there is breaker damage, AC overheats. This calls for breaker replacement.

  • My AC is shutting down automatically.

Automatic shutdowns usually occur when the thermostat sensor gets misplaced. A sensor is a tiny component located near the evaporator coil that controls cooling. In a few years, the sensor may get misplaced and hence loses contact with the thermostat. If you want the permanent solution of this problem, then go for the regular AC service Tomball.

  • I am not able to shut down my AC.

This problem usually occurs when there is a short in the thermostat cable or if the fan is stuck. Such thermostat issues occur when the system is old or has to work under pressure for long hours.

Do not ignore any of these issues. If left unattended, you might have to install a new system. Here are a few simple things you should do to prevent these issues – 

  • Keep the thermostat away from direct sunlight
  • Keep the condenser in a shady, dry place
  • Clean the ducts, drains, and filters regularly
  • Do not use the AC in rapid cycles
  • Keep the doors and windows shut while using the AC

If you need an AC replacement in Cypress, TX, Valliere Air Conditioning and Heating LLC is your one-stop for all AC-related problems. We also offer the best air conditioning installation in Cypress, TX.