12 Common Furnace Problems and Their Solutions

When the winter months become colder, and you need your heating system to warm up your room, it is best that it works efficiently.  However, things can go otherwise as well. For example, your furnace breaks in the middle of the peak winter season. If so, you can look for a professional company for furnace repair in Tomball. Whereas, if you are facing minor issues, let’s discuss their possible solutions

Common Furnace Problems and Their Solutions

Wrong Thermostat Setting

This can be a very small issue that you can fix on your own if you can do it correctly. Simply take a look at your thermostat to confirm it is ‘on’; it is highly likely that it will be. If it isn’t, turn it on. If it is not in the right mode, you can change the mode to ‘warm’ or ‘home’ (depending upon the options you see on your thermostat panel).

Furnace Doesn’t Turn On

Check its wiring – it must be plugged in, and if there’s a circuit breaker, make sure it is not tripped. It controls the power supply to your furnace, so flip it to ‘ON.’ This would most likely resolve the problem. However, if not, there might be a problem with the wires or the power system in the furnace. Not to mention but this should be handled by professionals offering services like heating repair in The Woodlands.

Limit Control Switch Malfunctions

Most heating appliances will have a limit control switch that automatically turns off the heating system or puts it on standby when the required level of warmth is generated in your room. According to that, if your heating system runs continuously and you sometimes feel a temperature higher than you need in your room, there can be a problem with the limit control switch, which needs a professional inspection.

No Air in Furnace

It is possible to experience this issue due to multiple reasons, including a broken blower fan belt or a burnt motor. If your heating unit is turning on but not blowing air, you may check the instruction manual book for solutions. If it is not there, experts at Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating can have an inspection and provide the best solution.

Dirty Filters

The filter of your heating system can get dirty within a few weeks, making it important to be cleaned regularly and properly. However, in case it remains dirty for a long time, it can get clogged, creating issues for other components of the system. Therefore, it is advised to clean its filter or replace it once a month or two.

Furnace Makes Grinding Noise

Some normal sound coming from your furnace is fine, but if it seems your furnace is grinding something inside it, it is a signal of a problem. For example, grinding or scraping sounds in your furnace indicate worn-out ball bearings. In such a case, turn off your furnace and get help from a reliable service provider offering heating service in Magnolia, TX.

Furnace Makes Squealing Sounds

Similarly, if you hear shrieking or squealing sounds from your furnace, the biggest suspect can be the blower belt being slipped off or worn out. There can be general wear and tear on the belt over time, which turns into more significant problems if not checked from time to time. Book a professional inspection today and resolve such issues to stay in peace while at home.

Pilot Light Issues

Generally, old-style furnace units use a pilot light to function effectively. This pilot light typically remains lit. If your furnace’s pilot light goes off after some time of use, there can be an issue with the thermocouple, or the pilot orifice might have become clogged. You may not want to fix it yourself and perhaps seek professional help.

Burners Get Super Dirty

Burners should be cleaned periodically because otherwise, they can get clogged with debris. This can affect the entire system, and you may go for furnace replacement in Tomball, TX. You may simply determine it with the color of the flame on the burner – if it is blue, the burner is fine; if the flame is orange or yellow, it is time for some cleaning.

Heat Exchanger Develops Cracks

A heat exchanger, when not in its proper condition, will be unable to block carbon monoxide from entering your room. If you find some water coming out of your furnace, it can signify a cracked heat exchanger. It is best advised to call an HVAC professional to resolve this issue.

Access Panel Not Closed Properly

If you, for any cleaning or repair reason, do not close the access panel of the furnace or leave it open, it will not work or not even turn on. Therefore, check it again and make sure it is closed properly.

Ducts Leakage

As the hot air passes through ducts, they expand, and when your furnace turns off, the ducts shrink. This process can cause general wear and tear, or some ductwork parts get loosened up. However, you may check if air is leaking or not and get it fixed by an experienced professional.

Furnace repairs can cost you a lot. Thus, it is highly recommended to get it serviced once or twice a year to prevent costly repairs. Hire Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating for your heating needs or heating system repair or replacement. We also offer high-quality services for commercial HVAC in Cypress. Reach out to us to learn how we can help you – call us today at (281) 356-3311.

5 Reasons Why Heating Service is Essential For Your Home

Homeowners across the country start preparing for the winter season before it comes. If you are also in the same process, do not forget to pay attention to your heating system, as it is an essential appliance you will use throughout the season. Well, in order to help you understand better, we discuss five reasons why heating service is necessary for your home.

Here Are The Reasons Why Heating Service is Essential

Lifespan Extension

There’s no doubt that home appliances that get timely service tend to work well for a more extended period of time. However, while it is challenging to increase the lifespan of your heating system, it is possible to (at least) make it work till it meets its life expectancy, which is usually 10-15 years. You never know; it can surpass this period, too, depending on its service frequency and usage pattern.

Low or No Repair Costs

Heating repair in The Woodlands can cost you a considerable amount of your hard-earned money. Therefore, you must ensure you do not waste it on repairs you can avoid. It would be fair to say that regular heating service helps you detect (and resolve) some problems before they grow bigger and demand costly repairs.

Better Air Quality

Warmth in your room generated by your heating system is nothing but air. Now you want to make sure that you and your family members get clean air inside your home. Another reason your heating system needs service is to improve air quality in your home. A tune-up or maintenance service for your heater would suit this reason.

Efficiency Maintenance

If your heating system was off during the entire summer season and needs a thorough cleaning and inspection before you put it to work again. If you go for timely heating service in Magnolia, TX, typically before the winter season starts, you can rest assured about your heating system’s efficiency, resulting in lower power bills.

Cozy & Comfortable Environment at Home

What is the core purpose of having a heating system at your home? It creates a warm environment inside your home to make you feel cozy and comfortable in winter. Timely heating service is important to keep your heating system well-functioning, ensuring your home remains warm and cozy for you to relax during the day or sleep well at night.

Hire Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating – A Professional Heating Services Company

We have a team of skilled and certified HVAC technicians well-trained to meet our customers’ heating requirements, whether it be service or heating repair near you. Contact us to discuss your needs with one of our experts – dial (281) 356-3311 or send us an email at craig@vallierehvac.com.

10 Common Heat Pump Issues and How to Fix Them

Today’s heat pumps are fast replacing traditional heating systems as they are more energy-efficient and have more capacity to heat or cool your home effectively. Moreover, though they cost a little higher than the conventional ones, they are usually sturdier and more durable due to their quality built. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t give you an issue over their life span at your home.

If you have been facing some problems with your heat pump, this article will help you get to a possible solution. In any case, it is usually recommended to hire a professional in otder to prevent damaging the unit and to avoid paying more than you needed to in the first place.

Common Heat Pump Issues and There Solutions

Heat Pump Runs Constantly

Due to some reasons, your heat pump runs all the time at its total capacity, resulting in high power bills that you want to avoid. There can be a possible issue with thermostat settings. You may try resetting your thermostat to find out if it works. If your heat pump still works hard for hours, you may contact a professional service provider who offers heat pump installation in Magnolia, as they would know it better and can fix this issue in a few minutes.

Heat Pump Doesn't Work

When your heat pump stops working, there can be two common reasons – loss of power or a faulty starter capacitor. In most systems, the outdoor and indoor units have separate power supply switches. If any of them is turned off, the system won’t work, so make sure both the units are turned on. In another scenario, if your unit’s starter capacitor has failed or broken, the heat pump won’t work, and you may need a professional technician to get it replaced.

Outdoor Unit Freezes

Your heat pump’s outdoor unit can accumulate a thin layer of ice in winter. Moreover, in areas with harsh cold winters and heavy snowfalls, there can be a thick layer of ice accumulation, resulting in a frozen outdoor unit. What you can do is spray some water using your garden hose to melt the ice.
Note – never use any tool to remove the ice as it can damage your heat pump; needing heat pump repair in Cypress, TX.

Air Handler Stops Working

The main job of air handlers is to help your heat pump distribute equal air across your home. If your heat pump is working, but there’s less or no flow of air inside your home, there might be a problem with the indoor air handler. This can be caused due to a tripped circuit breaker, poor wiring connection, or malfunctioning blower motor. As you might not be able to fix it on your own, hiring a professional is highly advised.

Heat Pump Stops Heating

Your heat pump is responsible for filling your home with warm air to make you feel comfortable in winter. However, when it stops heating, it is possible that there might be leaks in your ductwork or blockage in your outdoor unit. You can clean the dirt and debris around that and try to fix the duct leaks using duct or foil tape. If it works, that’s the best! Otherwise, you may need professional support for heat pump repair in Tomball.

Heat Pump Doesn't Cool

It can be annoying if your heat pump stops working on hot summer days. However, if you are having this issue, you need not worry. Simply check your thermostat if it is changed to ‘cool’ mode. Besides, it is advised to get an inspection done by an experienced heat pump technician to check the refrigerant. If its level is low, they can fix this problem effectively for your comfortable and cool stay-at-home during the summers.

Heat Pump Stops Switching Mode

If your heat pump gives you issues when you switch it from cool to heat mode or vice versa, there is a high chance that it’s reversing valve is faulty. It is the key to changing the modes in your heat pump. Since it is not possible for you to replace it, hire a professional heat pump repair service provider to fix such issues.

Heat Pump Runs Short Heating/Cooling Cycles

This happens mostly when you install a too big or too small heat pump. On the other hand, if it is having a hard time cooling or heating your home, it will automatically turn off sometimes due to overheating. The best solution for this is to consult a heat pump company in your area.

Heat Pump Leaks Water

There are two common reasons behind this issue – leaking refrigerant or clogged drain lines. In both cases, you want to consider calling a reliable heat pump technician without giving it a second thought before the damage becomes serious.

It Produces Bad Smells

Your heat pump should never produce odor. However, if you sense strange, foul odors, there is a possibility of mold growth somewhere inside the unit that you must remove. If the smell intensity is high, you should stop using your heat pump and contact a heat pump contractor immediately for inspection and solution.

These are the ten most common heat pump issues and ways to fix them. However, if you want to avoid these or other problems with your heat pump, it is recommended to have it serviced at least once a year. At Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating, we have been providing heat pump tune-up, repair, maintenance, and heat pump replacement in The Woodlands for years.

We are experienced and skilled technicians for all heat pump-related work. For any of your needs concerning heat pumps, feel free to reach us at (281) 356-3311 or send us an email at craig@vallierehvac.com. We also offer round-the-clock emergency services regarding HVAC.

7 Major and Important Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

As the days begin getting warmer, you need to make sure you have an efficiently functioning air conditioner to fight the heat. For homeowners typically living in areas that are hotter than normal, having an air conditioner is essential. If your AC doesn’t function well, you may get it repaired. When repair doesn’t solve the problem, it’s time to get it replaced completely.

If you are looking for AC replacement in Cypress, TX, choosing Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating can be your best option. We are a professional HVAC company serving and satisfying homeowners in your area for many years. Contact us to learn more.

You might not be sure when to replace your air conditioner. In this article, we will discuss 7 signs that indicate it is time to replace your air conditioner. Let’s get started.

Signs That Shows It's Time To Replace The AC Unit

AC Makes Strange Sounds

It is considered normal when an AC makes sounds while turning on and off, and sometimes even while it is functioning – possibly a low-volume humming sound once in a while. But if you hear any sound other than that, it can be an alarming indication.

Scraping, buzzing, grinding, or squealing sounds from your AC unit mean there can be a significant problem that might or might not be resolved with a repair. If you are facing non-repairable problems that are also causing loud noises in your AC, it might be time to replace your AC with a new one.

AC Produces Weird Smells

One of the core purposes of having an air conditioning system is to receive clean, cool, and odor-free air inside your home. It is rare for an AC to produce odors, but in most cases, it is caused due to multiple reasons not always directly linked to its functioning. For instance, if you smell a smokey odor, it indicates there might be some problem with the wiring; whereas a stale odor means there can be mold or mildew buildup inside the unit or ducts.

In case you get it cleaned or serviced and there are still unwanted odors in your AC, it might be time to call a reliable provider of AC service in Tomball for its replacement.

Insufficient or Poor Air Quality

You might not have known this, but even if you are getting odor-free air in your home, there can still be pollutants in your indoor air that you cannot see or smell. Air pollutants, of course, degrade the quality of air in your home. Have you tried fixing this issue with an air quality inspection? Does the problem still exist? If yes, it might be a sign that you consider replacing it with a new one, ensuring you and your family members get good-quality air.

Note- it is important to invest in a professional specialist.

AC Leaks Water

One of the biggest reasons air conditioners leak water outside the unit is incorrect AC installation in Cypress. Other than that, there can be a refrigerant leak, or the condensate drain pipe might be blocked. When the water cannot run through the drain line, it accumulates on the condensate tray, and when it fills up, the overflowing water gets out of the unit and enters your home.

Air conditioner leaking water is a serious problem you should not ignore. Contact a reliable air conditioner service provider for replacement if the water-leaking problem cannot be resolved with the repair.

AC Consumes More Power Than Before

Air conditioning systems are sizable machines, possibly bigger than other appliances you have at home. They already consume more power than other appliances or devices, but if your AC unit consumes more energy than it used to a few months ago, this might indicate it’s time for a replacement.

Your air conditioner’s ability to function well without increasing energy bills goes down over time due to general wear and tear or other prolonged problems. Therefore, replacing it with a new one can be your next best step.

AC Requires Repairs Quite Often

Some problems with air conditioners might be resolved only with repairs, which is fine if required once or twice a year. But repairing air conditioning systems every few weeks will only prove to be a costly affair.

Are you tired of repeating the need for AC repair in Cypress? If so, you might have spent thousands of dollars which you could have used to purchase a new unit. Avoid wasting your hard-earned money on a problematic AC needing frequent repairs. Instead, contact us to get it replaced with a new one.

AC Unit Has Gone Out of Warranty

It is possible that you might be using your air conditioner for more than 10-12 years without facing any problems. However, that does not mean it will work like that forever. In the years to come, it can have multiple issues costing you a lot of money for repairs, especially if its warranty is expired or void.

Another point of concern can be its decreasing energy efficiency with time. Today’s highly energy-efficient air conditioners consume comparatively less power than those made 10-15 years ago. Thus, an old, low-efficiency AC indicates it might be time for its replacement.

If you are looking for a professional AC contractor in Cypress, look no further than Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC. Our HVAC technicians are well informed of what’s latest and best on the market while keeping a tab on customer needs. So, call us now at (281) 356-3311 to speak with one of our technicians regarding any of your HVAC needs.

5 Signs It’s Time To Repair Your Air Conditioner Unit

A well-functioning air conditioner unit at your place might be the best thing for you during the summer months. However, dealing with a problematic AC is quite uncomfortable. If your AC unit is giving you issues, you should contact a reliable AC contractor in Cypress to get them resolved. But before that, let’s learn about some signs that indicate you need to repair your air conditioner unit.

Signs That Shows It's Time To Repair Your AC Unit

Low Cooling

There can be various reasons your air conditioner is not providing a sufficient level of cooling in your home. The list includes dirty or clogged air filters, low or leaking refrigerant, damaged parts such as the compressor, and more.

It can be challenging to identify the actual problem on your own. This is why you need a professional inspection and tune-up or repairs.

Strange Noises

A problematic AC may produce a strange kind of sound, such as whistling, clicking, squealing, humming, buzzing, or banging. These noises can be caused due to any reason ranging from dust buildup obstructing the AC fan’s rotation to a broken component or something else.

If you find out something is broken in your AC unit, it is time to hire a professional for AC repair in The Woodlands.

Foul Odor in the Air

A burning smell can mean there’s a wiring problem; for example, there might be a short circuit that has led to burning a wire. In such a case, turn off your AC immediately and call a professional for its repair.

Otherwise, there can be dirt or mold buildup in your AC unit or the condensate pan/drain line. If not cleaned for a long time, the presence of mold or algae in the system can damage some components that would eventually need repair work.

Increasing Energy Bills

The top reason for your AC consuming more power is that its efficiency has been reduced. Now, there can be multiple factors responsible for that, including exposure to sunlight or a broken part inside the system.

When a part or component of your unit is damaged or malfunctioning, it will become difficult for your air conditioner unit to maintain the required cooling in your home. In order to do its job, it works hard and consumes more power. If your energy bills have increased significantly over a couple of months, you may contact a reliable AC company for air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, or repair work (as per the problem identified).

AC Unit Leaking Water

Your AC might leak water inside if the condensate drain line is clogged or there’s a refrigerant leak. The latter lowers the pressure, causing coils to freeze and leading to the formation of water, which leaks out from the drain line but gets in your room if the drain line is blocked or damaged.

The best you can do with these or similar problems is to hire Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC. Our experienced technicians possess the right knowledge and skills for your AC repair needs. Talk to one of our experts today by dialing (281) 356-3311.

6 Common Reasons Behind Air Conditioning Unit Failure

Most homeowners usually don’t pay attention to their air conditioning system’s well-being due to being busy with their daily schedules. If you are also one of them, it is time to think about it.

If you avoid some minor signs of a problematic AC, it can create other bigger issues in the future, sometimes damaged components, making you need a technician for AC repair in Magnolia. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your AC’s performance and well-being to use it well till the last stage of its lifespan.

However, if you are wondering why your AC is not working correctly or not even functioning, here are some of the top reasons.

6 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Unit Fails, & How to Fix The Problem

Electrical Connection Faults

A faulty fuse or circuit breaker can sometimes stop an AC from turning on. If your AC is not working, you may need to check the fuse and the circuit breaker. If it is tripped, wait for some time before resetting the circuit breaker. If the fuse is blown, you may try replacing it with a new one. However, we do not recommend doing it yourself, and it is best to call a professional for the same.

You, most likely, are not an electrician; therefore, avoid making things worse for your AC and yourself because the root cause of the problem can be anything else. Instead, hire professional services like AC maintenance in Magnolia, TX, for inspection and an optimal solution.

Leaking Refrigerant

Your AC failure can be caused due to refrigerant leak, which has its own reasons, such as loose joints and connections inside the AC unit, corrosion, poor AC installation, defective components, or any wear and tear.

Refrigerant leaks are harmful to your health. If the refrigerant leaks in high amounts, it can cause dizziness, shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, and sometimes worse. Since you would not be able to fix the refrigerant leakage, you may need to call an AC expert for the same.

Thermostat Malfunction

Thermostat devices are made to control the air conditioning system. If the thermostatit stops working correctly, it will reflect in your AC unit soon. For example, a malfunctioning thermostat can turn the AC unit on and off within short periods.

If this problem is not solved, it can lead to damaging the AC system over time, sometimes requiring new AC installation in Magnolia, TX. Do not avoid such small problems and resolve them before they turn bigger. Reset your thermostat a couple of times before trying to turn on the AC. If it doesn’t work, you should call your AC service provider for support.

Compressor Failure

Compressor failure can be caused by multiple reasons. For example, an electrical failure can make the AC produce acids that can damage the compressor. I; in some cases, if your air conditioner is getting lower or higher amounts of refrigerant, it can also lead to compressor failure. Likewise, a too large or smaller than required suction line in your AC system can cause compressor failure.

We discourage trying to fix the compressor unit on your own because you may hurt yourself or do more damage to the system, needing costly repairs. Regardless of why your compressor stops working, you will need a professional AC technician to fix the problem.

Frozen Coil

It is one of the common reasons behind AC failure. When the AC coil is frozen, there can be ice or frost on the coil and probably on the pipe of your indoor unit too. If your AC is supplying warm air or there’s no airflow, it is possible that your AC coil is frozen. Frozen coils can produce moisture buildup, leading to condensation, further leading to water leaks.

Dirty air filters, broken fans, blocked condensate lines, and refrigerant leaks, are some common causes of frozen coil that can make the AC function poorly or not work at all. Thus, it is recommended to call an AC service provider as soon as you find out about the AC failure.

Delayed Or Lack of Maintenance

You are lucky if your air conditioner is working correctly without any maintenance. However, you should know that maintenance is crucial even if you are not facing any problems while using your AC. You never know if there’s something wrong with internal components and the problem is not visible from the outside. Delayed maintenance can often be the reason for an AC system failure.

Therefore, getting your AC maintenance service at least once a year is a good practice. Likewise, despite your office AC working fine, you should get it serviced every year by a licensed company providing commercial air conditioning in The Woodlands, TX. Remember, timely AC maintenance can help you avoid future problems and hefty repair costs.

How Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating Can Help

AC problems can occur without notice. Though some minor issues can be fixed on your own, a DIY approach to AC problems is not usually recommended. Our certified and trained technicians have the proper knowledge and expertise to find the problems by thoroughly inspecting your AC system before giving you the best solution.

For any requirements like air conditioning, heating, indoor quality improvement, or ductless AC installation, you can trust Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating for the best service in your area. To learn more about us and our services, call us now at (281) 356-3311.

Top 6 Benefits of a Good Air Conditioning Unit

When it comes to purchasing a new air conditioning unit, you need to be well informed. Even if you already have a set of expectations from a new AC, you should explore more to learn about its best uses and benefits. However, to make sure you reap all the benefits, get it installed by a reliable AC contractor in Cypress. Let’s now continue reading to learn more.

Top Benefits of a Good Air Conditioner

Cool & Comfortable Environment

You want to relax at home after a tiring day at work, and you switch your AC on. A good air conditioner takes care of your cooling and comfort needs, regardless of the temperature outside your home.

Clean & Clear Air

Air conditioners with the latest technology deliver high-quality air in your home. They filter not only dust, dirt, or debris but also a lot of microorganisms that pollute the air and decrease its quality. In addition, an excellent AC unit ensures you get clean and clear air to breathe. If your AC has air quality related problems, look for air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, for improved air.

Keeps Bugs Away

The presence of various insects, bugs, and parasites can affect your health. For example, mosquitos like to stay in warm places, but by filling your home with cool air, a properly functioning AC system keeps them away. Likewise, bugs and insects enjoy a damp atmosphere to live in; an excellent AC removes dampness from your home, reducing the chances of attracting insects and bugs to your home.

Nominal Power Consumption

Air conditioners are heavy appliances that can consume power equal to other appliances altogether. A good energy-efficient air conditioner unit can benefit you by keeping your power bills as low as possible. If your AC is consuming more power than usual and making sounds, it might be time for AC repair in The Woodlands.

Better Health

Heatwaves can be dangerous. But rest assured your AC is there to help you live in a cooler temperature. Protecting you against the harmful effects of the summer heat, a good air conditioner ensures you are safe. Not only that, it keeps most airborne allergens away to provide you with a safe and healthy environment in your home.

Saves You Money

As discussed, air conditioners give you healthy air and a clean environment at home. When you stay healthy with the help of a good AC unit, you save medical bills. Apart from that, a good air conditioner will not require frequent maintenance and repairs, saving you additional money.

Are you looking for AC installation in Cypress? We can help! Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating is a licensed and reputed company providing high-quality AC services for several years in your area. For any AC service requirement, call us now at (281) 356-3311.

6 Easy Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioner’s Electricity Bill

Today’s air conditioning systems are highly efficient and consume less energy than the old ones. If you are using your AC for a long time, you might pay high power bills until you realize regular AC maintenance in Magnolia, TX. might help. There can be several reasons your AC consumes more power than usual. In this article, we will discuss how to reduce your AC’s power consumption and lower your electricity bill.

Tips To Reduce Your Air Conditioner's Electricity Bill

Choose a High-rated AC

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency rates different AC units according to their cooling efficiency and power consumption estimates. Preferably, AC units should have a rating of 3 or more. A 3-star AC unit can consume more power than a 5-star rated AC. However, the latter can be a little more expensive. First, choose a high-rated AC while also keeping track of your budget.

Ensure Proper Installation

A poorly installed AC might not function according to its efficiency and can increase your power bills. Therefore, it is important that your AC should be installed appropriately; there should be no leveling issues, connection defects, and electrical wiring problems. Consult an HVAC expert before you go for AC replacement in Magnolia, TX. to ensure appropriate installation.

Clean Your Air Ducts & Filter

Dirty vents, filters, and ducts can restrict airflow, pressuring the AC unit to work harder. Most AC problems begin with dust, dirt, and debris in ducts. It is a good practice to clean your filter once a month or replace it every 1 or 2 months. Keeping your ducts clean and clear eliminates restrictions for air and helps maintain a smooth airflow, leading to an easy operative AC. In addition, when there’s no heavy load on your AC, it can provide enough cooling without consuming much power. You may also look for AC service in Tomball for effective and professional cleaning.

Keep Direct Sunlight Away

The direct sunlight coming through your windows or glass doors can increase the heat in the room, making it difficult for the AC to maintain a low temperature. When this happens for a period of time, it can turn into long term efficiency problems. You may use curtains or blinds to stop direct sunlight from entering your rooms. In addition, indoor insulation methods can also prove to be of great help in increasing your AC’s performance and lowering your electricity bills.

Avoid Extended Usage

Is your air conditioner running round the clock throughout the week? Keeping your AC on for longer times can put a load on its components or the entire system. If you are going out for a few hours, you can turn it off. Doing that will surely cut down your energy bills.

Hire Maintenance Service

Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating suggests you get AC service in The Woodlands at least once a year. Our certified technicians are experts at AC installation, repair, service, and maintenance. We are among the most trusted air conditioning and heating companies in your area. Call us today to share your needs with us. Dial (281) 356-3311.

Which Maintenance Services Are Required For an Air Conditioning Unit?

You want your air conditioner to work efficiently for years and maintain the expected comfortable temperature. Note that most air conditioning systems can last longer than expected with regular maintenance by professionals. The air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, covers a series of technical tasks performed after inspection by certified AC technicians. Let’s discuss some of the most-required services for an AC unit.

Common Maintenance Services Your Air Conditioning Unit Requires

AC Filter Cleaning

Your AC filter catches dust particles, stopping them from entering the system. Unfortunately, over a period of 3-4 weeks, there can be layers of dust accumulated on the filter. Cleaning the AC filter is an initial step in any AC maintenance service process. Either you want to do it yourself or get it cleaned by professionals every month or two months, it is an essential part of maintaining your AC.

Outdoor Unit Cleaning

The condenser unit, usually called an AC outdoor unit, is a major component of the entire AC system. When you hire AC service in The Woodlands, especially for maintenance, it covers unit cleaning as required maintenance.

On-Going Maintenance Requirements

It is recommended that you take care of a few maintenance aspects on your own. Cleaning your ducts and vents from time to time is minor maintenance that can improve the performance of your AC, and is highly required.

Electrical Connections and Wiring

Since electricity plays a key role in running your air conditioner, maintenance of the AC’s power system is highly required. And this should always be done by professionals. You will need a trained AC technician to check the wiring and connections to eliminate the chances of any power-related problems. Loose or broken wires can create load issues for your AC unit, sometimes leading to damage. If you need services like AC repair in The Woodlands, you may contact us as we have skilled and certified technicians for your AC repair needs.

Cooling System Maintenance

This is another important maintenance service your AC requires. It is a comprehensive service in which technicians check everything from electrical connections to fins, coils, blower system components, etc. They will also check if the refrigerant line is not leaking and ensure maintaining a sufficient level of refrigerant in the system. It comes as a significant part of your AC’s annual maintenance.

While you can get your AC services at any time of the year, it is generally advised to get it done during spring and summer. Are you looking for an experienced AC contractor in Cypress? Get in touch with Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating – we are a licensed HVAC company with a highly satisfied customer base. Call us to discuss how we can help you. Dial (281) 356-3311.

4 Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Between Repairing And Replacing An AC

Replacing a bad air conditioner can be pretty cost-intensive, so people usually prefer getting their air conditioner repaired when it goes bad. However, sometimes it makes more sense to choose AC replacement over AC repair. Ideally, one must evaluate different factors, such as the age of the AC, the cost of repairs, and AC efficiency, to decide whether to repair or replace an air conditioner. Keeping with the subject, in this post, we discuss in detail some crucial factors one must consider when choosing between AC repair and AC replacement in Magnolia, TX.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Between AC Repair And Replacement


The AC age is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace. Consider replacing your old AC with a new one if it is over ten years old. That’s because the new AC would be far more efficient and would have advanced features, too, like increased energy savings. Hop on to the next point if your air conditioner is less than ten years old.

Cost Of Repair

If your AC is less than 10 years old, follow the $5000 rule of thumb. It is an industry-accepted rule to help one decide between repairing and replacing an air conditioner. According to this rule, one is supposed to multiply their air conditioner’s age with the estimated repair cost. If the outcome is less than $5000, it is advisable to get the air conditioner repaired. If it’s more, it’s best to go for an AC replacement.


Has your air conditioner’s cooling capacity been reduced over the years? Or is your AC consuming more energy than it used to? Well, these are signs that your AC’s efficiency has reduced. In such cases, it’s best to replace the AC rather than go for an AC repair in The Woodlands. And while the cost of replacement might be much higher than the cost of repair, you would quickly recover the difference by making substantial savings on your energy bills.

Warranty Status

The warranty status is another essential factor to consider when deciding between repairing and replacing an air-conditioner. If your air conditioner is under warranty, it’s advisable to go for an AC repair. But if your air conditioner’s warranty has expired, you should replace your existing ac with a new one. 

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