Today’s air conditioning systems are highly efficient and consume less energy than the old ones. If you are using your AC for a long time, you might pay high power bills until you realize regular AC maintenance in Magnolia, TX. might help. There can be several reasons your AC consumes more power than usual. In this article, we will discuss how to reduce your AC’s power consumption and lower your electricity bill.

Tips To Reduce Your Air Conditioner's Electricity Bill

Choose a High-rated AC

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency rates different AC units according to their cooling efficiency and power consumption estimates. Preferably, AC units should have a rating of 3 or more. A 3-star AC unit can consume more power than a 5-star rated AC. However, the latter can be a little more expensive. First, choose a high-rated AC while also keeping track of your budget.

Ensure Proper Installation

A poorly installed AC might not function according to its efficiency and can increase your power bills. Therefore, it is important that your AC should be installed appropriately; there should be no leveling issues, connection defects, and electrical wiring problems. Consult an HVAC expert before you go for AC replacement in Magnolia, TX. to ensure appropriate installation.

Clean Your Air Ducts & Filter

Dirty vents, filters, and ducts can restrict airflow, pressuring the AC unit to work harder. Most AC problems begin with dust, dirt, and debris in ducts. It is a good practice to clean your filter once a month or replace it every 1 or 2 months. Keeping your ducts clean and clear eliminates restrictions for air and helps maintain a smooth airflow, leading to an easy operative AC. In addition, when there’s no heavy load on your AC, it can provide enough cooling without consuming much power. You may also look for AC service in Tomball for effective and professional cleaning.

Keep Direct Sunlight Away

The direct sunlight coming through your windows or glass doors can increase the heat in the room, making it difficult for the AC to maintain a low temperature. When this happens for a period of time, it can turn into long term efficiency problems. You may use curtains or blinds to stop direct sunlight from entering your rooms. In addition, indoor insulation methods can also prove to be of great help in increasing your AC’s performance and lowering your electricity bills.

Avoid Extended Usage

Is your air conditioner running round the clock throughout the week? Keeping your AC on for longer times can put a load on its components or the entire system. If you are going out for a few hours, you can turn it off. Doing that will surely cut down your energy bills.

Hire Maintenance Service

Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating suggests you get AC service in The Woodlands at least once a year. Our certified technicians are experts at AC installation, repair, service, and maintenance. We are among the most trusted air conditioning and heating companies in your area. Call us today to share your needs with us. Dial (281) 356-3311.