Filters are one of the most important components affecting air conditioners’ performance. However, many people fail to replace their air filters regularly. A clogged HVAC filter can result in costly and time-consuming repairs to your heating and air conditioning system.

It becomes increasingly difficult for the system to pull the correct amount of air across the coil or heat exchanger when a filter becomes clogged. Filtration systems are forced to work harder when clogged filters block them. Your heat exchanger will shut off unexpectedly if you increase your energy consumption, and AC replacement in cypress, TXmay be required.

Common Implications Of A Dirty Air Filter

Changing your home’s air filter regularly is a necessary task. Failing to do so will have the following repercussions.

  • Health Problems

Dirty air filters can’t do their best job of removing pollutants from the air in your home. Spending most of your life indoors can significantly impact your overall health. Pollen from the outside can enter your home, and dust and dirt from everyday life. Having AC replacement in magnolia, TX, to clean your air filters can help you improve indoor air quality.

  • Heats The System

Overheating your air conditioner can be caused by a dirty or clogged HVAC system filter. Your air conditioner must work harder to keep up when the filter is clogged. This increases the unit’s stress and can lead to overheating. In the worst-case scenario, AC replacement in Tomball, TX, will have to inspect the problem.

  • Low Airflow

Your air conditioner’s evaporator coil will begin to freeze up if the system airflow is restricted and clogged by a clogged and restricted filter. Because there is no airflow, no heat is absorbed by the coils and refrigerant. The refrigerant continues to flow through the coils.

  • High Energy Usage

The blower fans in an HVAC system including AC installation in Cypress, push the air through the filter. The blower has to work harder if the filter is clogged because it has to clear the clogged filter. The result is a warm house and an inability to maintain a comfortable temperature. The HVAC system will have to work longer and harder to heat or cool the air, resulting in an increase in energy consumption due to the reduced airflow.

How Can Regular Maintenance Help Solve The Problem?

A significant amount of this dust and debris accumulates in the filters, thus obstructing the unit’s internal entry. If the airflow to the unit is restricted, dust and debris may find their way into the device and cause problems. 

As a result, regular filter maintenance is critical to ensure your system runs efficiently and provides you with clean, healthy air to breathe at home. Regular tune-ups by AC installation in Cypress help better performance,air quality, increase comfort, , and prolong system lifespan.

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