A problem caused by a circuit breaker is a nightmare in the middle of hot and sweating summer. Your AC circuit breaker is a safety switch that shuts down the electricity when it detects an overload, protecting your equipment. It’s a bad idea to overlook an AC circuit breaker that causes problems repeatedly.

Various factors contribute to this, and each problem needs a different strategy to address it. If your air conditioner’s circuit breakers keep tripping, locate the root of the problem and fix it rather than repeatedly resetting the system. You need AC repair in Cypress if your air conditioner continues tripping the breaker.

Understanding A Circuit Trip

Circuit breakers are included in your home’s electrical system as a safety mechanism. This switch will cut off power to any device or component using excessive amounts. As a result, an electrical fire can be avoided by preventing an overcharge of a current. The breaker on your AC circuit will trip if it draws more amps than the breaker can handle.

Top 5 Causes Of Tripping A Circuit Breaker

Breakers that trip only once can be reset, and the power can be restored. If it immediately trips after resetting it, you may be experiencing a bigger problem. Here are a few possible explanations for why your device is tripping the circuit:

  • Electrical Wiring

Many connecting wires in your breaker box can become detached or slack over time. Wires loosen and tighten as a result of temperature fluctuations. Your circuit breaker may trip if the electrical connections on your outside unit have loosen due to exposure to the elements expansion and contraction. If this is the case, you’ll need to tighten the connections.

  • Blocked Air Filter

The air filter in your air conditioner can also become clogged with dust. Your air conditioner will work harder, overheat, and trip the breaker if you allow your air filter to accumulate dirt over an extended period. To see if the breaker is no longer tripped, try replacing the filter.

  • Lacking Refrigerant

If your air conditioner’s a low refrigerant charge, it will work more than normal to keep the thermostat functioning smoothly. The loss of refrigerant could also cause overheating of the compressor’s motor. A tripped circuit breaker could signify a refrigerant leak in your A/C unit, which needs to be fixed by AC repair in Magnolia.

  • Faulty Capacitor

The capacitor facilitates the compressor’s start-up. When the A/C fails to start, it uses more power and can trip the circuit breaker. A weak or damaged capacitor could cause a tripped breaker if the compressor doesn’t get enough starting power.

  • Motor Issues

Your air conditioner’s electric motors can run for hours on end and withstand a lot. Your motors may overheat as a result of normal wear and tear. However, if a motor overheats, the wire insulation can degrade, resulting in an electrical short. AC contractor in Cypress will be able to locate the short and fix it.

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