There’s a high chance that the furnace in your home has been there before you moved in. Many homeowners do not replace their furnaces till at least 30 years. Although furnaces can work efficiently for a long time, they get worn out. Watch out for the signs, especially when Winter is near, and your furnace has completed around 20-25 years. 

There are a lot of new furnaces with advanced technologies available in the market. You can visit an HVAC company offering furnace replacement in Tomball, TX, to find the appropriate furnace for your home.

Before Replacing Your Furnace, Keep The Following Signs In Mind.

  • Cost of the New Furnace

Although furnaces are a long-term investment, they are expensive. Good quality and efficient furnaces usually cost between 2500 dollars to 3800 dollars.

  • Yellow Pilot Light 

Look out for the color of the pilot light of your furnace. A blue pilot light generally means there is no immediate requirement for a replacement. However, if the light is yellowish, start looking for other options. Old and inefficient furnaces are also harmful to the health of your family. You can call experts for inspection and take their advice on whether you need a furnace replacement or not.

  • The Quality of Air 

Furnaces in need of replacement release many harmful toxins like dust, soot, and carbon monoxide. A carbon monoxide leakage can be poisonous, and it’s best to switch off your furnace until you can think of other options. You can install an indoor air quality monitor to check if the furnace is working efficiently. If your furnace has a leakage do not delay getting a furnace repair in Tomball.

  • Increase in your Electric Bills

Ageing furnaces tend to decrease in it’s working efficiency. Energy-efficient furnaces do not harm the environment and keep your energy bills economical. If you notice an increase in your energy bills, have an inspection of your furnace to check if it’s working efficiently. Replacing your furnace can be a good option. A one-time investment is better than paying expensive energy bills every month. 

  • Increasing Frequency of Repairs

If you have started seeing your furnace technician frequently, it is a sign that you need a furnace replacement. Frequent repair is going to increase your expenses. You can get online estimates for the cost of a new furnace installation or heater replacement in Cypress, TX.  

  • You’re Selling Your House

Although this might sound odd, replacing your furnace if you’re thinking of selling your house is a good idea. A new furnace installation can increase the rate of your house in the market to a great extent. Prospective buyers are attracted to houses with efficient and effective HVAC systems. Hence, replacing it is a great idea if your furnace is more than 20 years old when selling your house.

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