Repair Or Replace: When, Why, And How?

The central heating system or the furnace in a household can only run for a decade before you have to look for a new one. It is a complicated machine with a lot of moving parts. So, furnaces need maintenance throughout their running time, a part replacement here and there, and a bit of cleaning. 

The furnace repair in Tomball, TX experts have extensive knowledge about if your machine needs repair or replacement. But there will be a time when you have to decide whether to repair your machine more or buy a new one.

  1. Age Of The Machine: According to the DOE, a furnace should run for 15-30 years. It will vary from brand to brand. The amount of usage is also responsible for the machine’s lifespan. 
    So the key pointers are:
    • Repair: If you installed the system less than five years ago. It is running efficiently, but some parts are faulty, than go for the heating repair near you.
    • Replace: If the furnace is well over 15 years old now. The last repair was done less than a year ago. Then wait no more. Look for a furnace replacement in Tomball, TX
  2. Condition For The Machine: Some furnaces are built in poor quality from the start. So keep an eye for some symptoms for efficient burning. 
    Here are some key faults you can look for:
    • The flame is yellow instead of blue
    • Pipes and joints are rusty
    • Moisture build-up
    • Soot streak around the exhaust
    • Residents experiencing cough, headache, blurry vision (CO symptoms)
  3. Energy Bills Have Increased In The Last Two Years Significantly: An inefficient system would require more energy to produce heat so, if you see a steady rise in energy bills during winter in the last two years, you have to make some changes. A new system will be technologically more advanced. It will reduce bills significantly. 
    Here are some tips for that:
    • Repair: If the system is less than five years old. The mechanic will find faulty parts.
    • Replace: The machine is older than 15-20 years. The energy bill is significantly higher when adjusted for market inflation.
  4. Compare Costs Of Repair And Replacement With Your Budget: An older machine with faulty parts and a clogged-up system will be harder to repair. Because as newer models become available, replacement parts for older models become scarce in the market. 
    Buying a newer, possibly more user-friendly system will save money in the long run. You can get an HVAC expert for furnace repair in Tomball, who can explain all these complications. 
    • Repair: If the machine is older, but parts are still available at a low cost in the market if it is a new system less than five years old.
    • Replace: If the machine is older than 15-20 years and the last repair was done less than a year ago. Then wait no more, look for a heater replacement in the Woodlands, TX.

We are at your service

After you read this blog, you will be able to decide whether to replace or repair the furnace. Here at Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC, we offer complete service of furnaces at an affordable price. You can contact us and set a schedule. Our scheduling is flexible according to your comfort.  We also offer the best heat pump repair in Tomball, TX.

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