Like other complicated electronic machines, AC also requires regular maintenance. However, sometimes due to rough use and wear and tear, you will face some issues that will need you to call professional help.

Here are commonly reported AC problems and their causes – 

  • I am unable to start my AC.

Usually, if an AC doesn’t turn on, the problem lies in the thermostat. Sometimes, the problem also lies in the circuit breaker. In this case, the system does not get sufficient electricity to function.

  • The AC fan isn’t working.

A capacitor is the main component of an AC fan that enables rotation. A faulty capacitor can result in fan malfunction. If you want to get the solution of this problem, then you can contact for AC repair in Tomball, TX.

  • The AC motor won’t start.

The AC motor is connected to a contactor. Contactors relay the electricity to the motor that sets the compressor working. If there is a broken contactor, the electricity won’t reach the motor, and hence the AC won’t start.

  • My AC isn’t cooling satisfactorily.

Dirty air filters and clogged ducts and vents restrict the airflow. At times, due to this issue, the AC may also let out warm air.

  • The temperature is fluctuating.

This issue occurs when there is a refrigerant leak. Chronic refrigerant leaks sometimes damage the compressor that makes the system lose its efficiency.

  • The AC is making unusual noises.

AC functions silently, but if you notice loud rattling, bubbling, hissing sounds, it can point at refrigerant leaks, motor malfunction, or defective components. Contact a professional HVAC contractor for AC service in Tomball.

  • There is heavy water leakage inside my house.

Indoor water leakage usually results when the drain pipes are blocked. Clogged drains fill the drain pan that causes leakage. Faulty installations or poorly insulated ducts can be other reasons.

  • My AC is overheating.

AC has breakers that are responsible for maintaining the optimum condenser temperature. If there is breaker damage, AC overheats. This calls for breaker replacement.

  • My AC is shutting down automatically.

Automatic shutdowns usually occur when the thermostat sensor gets misplaced. A sensor is a tiny component located near the evaporator coil that controls cooling. In a few years, the sensor may get misplaced and hence loses contact with the thermostat. If you want the permanent solution of this problem, then go for the regular AC service Tomball.

  • I am not able to shut down my AC.

This problem usually occurs when there is a short in the thermostat cable or if the fan is stuck. Such thermostat issues occur when the system is old or has to work under pressure for long hours.

Do not ignore any of these issues. If left unattended, you might have to install a new system. Here are a few simple things you should do to prevent these issues – 

  • Keep the thermostat away from direct sunlight
  • Keep the condenser in a shady, dry place
  • Clean the ducts, drains, and filters regularly
  • Do not use the AC in rapid cycles
  • Keep the doors and windows shut while using the AC

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