We are sure that when you purchased an A/C, you were told that it needs to be checked and serviced by a professional twice a year. The ideal time for an A/C check-up is before summer so that you won’t have to worry about a noisy, leaking system while you sweat. Though the importance of annual servicing has been made aware, many A/C owners try to save their dollars by avoiding it.

We are here to tell you how annual servicing plays a vital role in home comfort and energy efficiency – 

A/C and home comfort

 The chief purpose of installing an A/C is to make the indoors comfortable. An A/C achieves this by – 

  • Supplying fresh air
  • Evenly cooling the desired areas in the house
  • Eliminating unpleasant odors
  • Keeping the house free of external noises

If you avoid regular servicing, your A/C will do the opposite. It is a complicated heavy machine that has many delicate parts that work together to ensure home comfort.

Air filters, responsible for fresh air, need regular cleaning. Dirty filters will allow dust and debris inside the house that can also be harmful to health. If you have an incorrectly installed A/C or poorly sealed or leaking ducts, you will experience water leakage that will spread unpleasant smells and damage the interiors.

If you have an undercharged refrigerant or a broken fan, your system will make rattling and hissing noises. A dirty condenser or a malfunctioning component may heat your room.

A/C and energy efficiency

Almost all of the modern A/C models are energy efficient and made as eco-friendly as possible. However, getting an energy-efficient system does not promise low utility bills. If you’re A/C functions under pressure, you are likely to see a hefty utility amount. An A/C gets burdened by – 

  • Air leaks due to broken ducts
  • Inefficient cooling due to clogged vents and condenser
  • Rapid cycle functioning due to damaged parts
  • Improper location of the thermostat

Your A/C will have to consume a high amount of energy to reach the desired temperature in these conditions.

In both cases, the causes of these problems go unnoticed. Therefore, having to call professional help annually is essential. A good technician will-

  • Examine the system
  • Conduct stress tests to find the problem
  • Clean the system thoroughly
  • Replace damaged components

If you have a more than 13 years old system or experience frequent breakdowns, your technician will ask you to replace the system. Nowadays, many people also opt for a retrofit, where the technician will upgrade the A/C with advanced parts.

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