Frequent use of the furnace causes it to wear down over time. Sometimes, furnaces start making a loud noise while working. You might get confused regarding the reason for the noise from the furnace. In some cases, you might require a furnace replacement. 

However, we have given some troubleshooting techniques for a noisy furnace. Before looking for a furnace replacement in Tomball, TX, check if it requires repair or replacement.

Loud noises are always an indicator of some damage. The type of noise made by the furnace is essential for finding out the cause of the damage. We have given some everyday noises that a furnace makes and provided their causes and solutions. 

Some Significant Types of Furnace Noises and their Causes-

  • Whistling 

When your furnace makes a whistling or squealing noise, it likely means that there’s a problem with the airflow. There can be many causes for obstruction in the airflow. For example, the air might not flow properly due to a damaged air blower. 

Another reason for a whistling sound might be a leak in the air ducts. If ducts aren’t sealed, air might leak through the cracks or holes and make a whistling noise. Also, the air ducts might leak air if they’re fitted improperly or by getting worn out over time. You’ll need to call a technician for heating repair in the Woodlands to fix the damaged ducts. 

Whistling noise might also come from clogged air filters. It can get complicated for air to pass through clogged filters. In such cases, it might create a whistling noise as air tries to pass through the clogged filter. Whether your filter is clogged, replace it and see if the whistling sounds persists.

  • Rattling

A rattling noise from your furnace might indicate that there’s a loose part inside. There are a lot of complicated mechanisms inside the furnace. Any of them can get loose over time. Some of the parts that can get loose are,

  • Panels
  • Bearings
  • Fan
  • Motor
  • Air ducts

A technician can only fix a loose part. However, you can look for furnace repair in Tomball for repairing the furnace. 

Another cause of a rattling or rumbling noise from the furnace is a clogged burner. Soot buildup can cause your burner to get blocked. The blockage can cause difficulties for air to reach the burner, causing a rattling or rumbling noise.

  • Banging 

Sometimes, furnaces also create a banging noise. Banging noise is made due to an ignition delay. Usually, as the gas moves towards the burner, the furnace lights up immediately. However, delay in ignition causes gas buildup. Ignition after gas buildup can cause a small explosion leading to the banging noise. Again, repair service from professionals is the only solution. 

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