Sitting in a freezing home waiting for the technician to show up can be a dismal day indeed. When there is little you can do once your furnace is broken, you can head off the wait by calling a service beforehand. So, how do you know it is time to call for furnace repair in Tomball without waiting for the inevitable? Here is a list of 8 common and easy-to-spot signs that you should keep in mind.

8 Signs To Look Out For And The Reasons Behind Them

  • The furnace is blowing out cold or room temperature air

This often happens when the fuel is not being burnt at the pace required to heat the air. The reason may be due to clogging in the pipes or filters. Alternatively, this can also be because of clogging in the filters.

  • The furnace is not blowing any air at all.

This is happening because the air filters connected to your heating unit are blocked. The air cannot pass through the filter, and therefore there is low or no airflow from the furnace.

  • The furnace is making loud random noises.

The reason for loud noises is that a mechanical part inside your furnace is broken or cracked. It is banging with other parts inside your furnace and will cause a larger problem. It can cause other mechanical parts inside to break. In this case you can call for the best heater replacement in Cypress, TX.

  • The furnace is giving out a bad smell.

This is happening because the fuel line of your furnace has cracked or loosened. The fuel is leaking inside your home and causing a bad smell. It can also be because your furnace is not completely burning the fuel.

  • Your energy bill increased in the last year.

You may face a situation where your furnace no longer has the efficiency it used to. This may be due to normal wear-and-tear, but oftentimes, it needs a thorough inspection to find the solution for the problem.

  • The furnace is leaking water.

Your furnace leaks water if the water line is cracked or broken. This is a prevalent problem if you have recently moved your furnace from one place to another.

  • The furnace isn’t connected to the thermostat.

This is because your furnace may no longer be in sync with your thermostat. The calibration difference often happens after an electrical outage.

  • You’ve spent too much on repairs.

If you have called a repair service more than 3-4 times in the past year, your furnace does not need a repair service. It means the unit is old and can no longer be saved. Instead, you should opt to replace the unit.

With a reliable HVAC company, you may never need to wait for your furnace to break down. Be sure to choose an experienced contractor who can solve your problems. If you don’t know who to call, Valliere Air Conditioning and Heating LLC is a perfect choice. This licensed and professional company has experience troubleshooting all types of HVAC problems.

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