6 Common Reasons Behind Air Conditioning Unit Failure

Most homeowners usually don’t pay attention to their air conditioning system’s well-being due to being busy with their daily schedules. If you are also one of them, it is time to think about it.

If you avoid some minor signs of a problematic AC, it can create other bigger issues in the future, sometimes damaged components, making you need a technician for AC repair in Magnolia. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your AC’s performance and well-being to use it well till the last stage of its lifespan.

However, if you are wondering why your AC is not working correctly or not even functioning, here are some of the top reasons.

6 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Unit Fails, & How To Fix The Problem

Electrical Connection Faults

A faulty fuse or circuit breaker can sometimes stop an AC from turning on. If your AC is not working, you may need to check the fuse and the circuit breaker. If it is tripped, wait for some time before resetting the circuit breaker. If the fuse is blown, you may try replacing it with a new one. However, we do not recommend doing it yourself, and it is best to call a professional for the same.

You, most likely, are not an electrician; therefore, avoid making things worse for your AC and yourself because the root cause of the problem can be anything else. Instead, hire professional services like AC maintenance in Magnolia, TX, for inspection and an optimal solution.

Leaking Refrigerant

Your AC failure can be caused due to refrigerant leak, which has its own reasons, such as loose joints and connections inside the AC unit, corrosion, poor AC installation, defective components, or any wear and tear.

Refrigerant leaks are harmful to your health. If the refrigerant leaks in high amounts, it can cause dizziness, shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, and sometimes worse. Since you would not be able to fix the refrigerant leakage, you may need to call an AC expert for the same.

Thermostat Malfunction

Thermostat devices are made to control the air conditioning system. If the thermostatit stops working correctly, it will reflect in your AC unit soon. For example, a malfunctioning thermostat can turn the AC unit on and off within short periods.

If this problem is not solved, it can lead to damaging the AC system over time, sometimes requiring new AC installation in Magnolia, TX. Do not avoid such small problems and resolve them before they turn bigger. Reset your thermostat a couple of times before trying to turn on the AC. If it doesn’t work, you should call your AC service provider for support.

Compressor Failure

Compressor failure can be caused by multiple reasons. For example, an electrical failure can make the AC produce acids that can damage the compressor. I; in some cases, if your air conditioner is getting lower or higher amounts of refrigerant, it can also lead to compressor failure. Likewise, a too large or smaller than required suction line in your AC system can cause compressor failure.

We discourage trying to fix the compressor unit on your own because you may hurt yourself or do more damage to the system, needing costly repairs. Regardless of why your compressor stops working, you will need a professional AC technician to fix the problem.

Frozen Coil

It is one of the common reasons behind AC failure. When the AC coil is frozen, there can be ice or frost on the coil and probably on the pipe of your indoor unit too. If your AC is supplying warm air or there’s no airflow, it is possible that your AC coil is frozen. Frozen coils can produce moisture buildup, leading to condensation, further leading to water leaks.

Dirty air filters, broken fans, blocked condensate lines, and refrigerant leaks, are some common causes of frozen coil that can make the AC function poorly or not work at all. Thus, it is recommended to call an AC service provider as soon as you find out about the AC failure.

Delayed Or Lack of Maintenance

You are lucky if your air conditioner is working correctly without any maintenance. However, you should know that maintenance is crucial even if you are not facing any problems while using your AC. You never know if there’s something wrong with internal components and the problem is not visible from the outside. Delayed maintenance can often be the reason for an AC system failure.

Therefore, getting your AC maintenance service at least once a year is a good practice. Likewise, despite your office AC working fine, you should get it serviced every year by a licensed company providing commercial air conditioning in The Woodlands, TX. Remember, timely AC maintenance can help you avoid future problems and hefty repair costs.

How Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating Can Help

AC problems can occur without notice. Though some minor issues can be fixed on your own, a DIY approach to AC problems is not usually recommended. Our certified and trained technicians have the proper knowledge and expertise to find the problems by thoroughly inspecting your AC system before giving you the best solution.

For any requirements like air conditioning, heating, indoor quality improvement, or ductless AC installation, you can trust Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC for the best service in your area. To learn more about us and our services, call us now at (281) 356-3311.

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