When you purchase a furnace and keep it well-maintained, it can last at least 10 to 15 years. You need to take care of the annual maintenance and repair service that can extend its life longer. But when you observe that your furnace system is less than 15 years old and becoming costly to repair (around the cost of the new furnace), you may consider replacing it. If your furnace system has been working but has a few issues, it is wiser to get it repaired by professionals offering furnace repair in Tomball.

You need to keep checking its efficiency and get it repaired whenever required. So, if you notice something wrong or observe a difference in the furnace, you must consider prompt repair or replacement.

How to Know the Correct Sign to Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

You need to check your furnace from time to time and ensure it has been appropriately maintained. In addition, you must ensure that you schedule regular, proper maintenance to make the furnace last longer. If you find some minor issues, you don’t need to replace the furnace as it requires maintenance and repair service to fix the problems. However, if it is damaged beyond repair, you may need a furnace replacement in Tomball, TX.

Check Out the Warning Signs of Furnace Failure

It is important to learn the warning signs that your furnace might show, or hire a professional for an inspection.

Once winter comes, you should always check your furnace before using it regularly, and if you find any signs of poor functioning, it is recommended to schedule a heating repair in Magnolia to enjoy sufficient warmth inside your home during chilly winter days. Below we’ve listed the warning signs of a failing furnace:

  • Your furnace is making strange sounds.
  • It has surpassed its life expectancy.
  • You are paying high energy bills.
  • You are getting your furnace repaired too frequently.
  • Your furnace is producing strange odors.
  • It has deteriorated your indoor air quality.

Depending upon the condition of your furnace, you can decide whether it needs repair or replacement. In most cases, furnace repair would work, but if your furnace is more than 20 years old, it is recommended to replace it.

When you notice the above-mentioned signs, and you don’t know whether you should go for repair or replacement, contact Valliere Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC; we also provide commercial HVAC service in Cypress. We offer a wide range of heating and air conditioning services in Cypress, Magnolia, Tomball, and surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn about our services and book an appointment. Dial (281) 356-3311.